Tourist services in the Karjalan Kielen Kodi (The Home of the Karelian Language)

The purpose of the association, that maintains the Karjalan Kielen Kodi, is to support the Karelian language to endure as a living and modern means of communication. The association raises the means itself for its activities. Therefore, the tourist services are an important source of financing the
activities of the Karjalan Kielen Kodi. By using our tourist services, you thus support our activities.

Karjalan Kielen Kodi provides services for tourists throughout the year, mainly for guests booked in advance. We have accommodation facilities for persons, with shower and toilet in the hall.

We serve breakfast and a meal on request. For those who stay overnight, we can arrange a swift introduction to the Karelian language, and a course about how to bake local Karelian pasties.

We also provide facilities for meetings and small-scale festivities.

In July and August we are open every day between 10 am and 5 pm. For
tourist groups Karjalan Kielen Kodi is an excellent place for a break during
your journey in Karelia. For groups we serve tea and coffee with pasties and arrange a presentation of the Karjalan Kielen Kodi and its function. Also ask for guided tours of Vieljärvi.

There is also a small-scale souvenir shop in our building.

For more information and bookings in English:

Olga Gokkoeva, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram +358 400 166 737
The renowned village of Kinerma is located just 5 kilometers away from the
Karjalan Kielen Kodi. Please find more information at . Nadja +7 921 2262049,