The Support Association for The Home of Karelian Language

The birthday of the Home of Karelian Language is on July 22, as it was found on that day
in the year 2012. A lot of villagers attended a meeting, convened by Ol'ga Gokkoeva. The main topics were to discuss the founding of a support association for The Home of
Karelian Language, and to chart out the commitment to the building project among the participants. At the end of the meeting the villagers went to look at the Home to come,
and they agreed on the date of the first voluntary working event.

The Support Association for The Home of Karelian Language was founded on October 26, 2012. The association was founded to take care of the administration and the practical operation of The Home. The board of the association was elected during the same meeting. Officially the association was registered on March 6, 2013. The association takes care of the financing of the operation of the Home. Projects and donations are the main financing sources.

At the annual meeting of 2022 the following persons were elected to the board of the association:
Lúbov Ivanovnua Popova (chairperson), Nina Petrovnua Barmina, Natalja Nikolajevnua
Antonova, Ol ́ga Mihailovnua Vasiljeva, Anna Nikolajevnua Zaharova, Ol ́ga Valerjevnua
Ogneva and Ivan Vasiljevičua Jegorova.

How to become a member of the association:

You can become a member of the association by sending an informal application to the